E. B. Fluorescent Company - Now E. B. Lighting & Supplies, Inc. A Baltimore, Maryland lighting fixture manufacturer and supplier of high quality products since 1937, celebrates over 77 years of excellence.
So why did we change our name to E. B. Lighting & Supplies, Inc?... When my father and mother founded E. B. Fluorescent, the T12 fluorescent tube was the new boy on the block. Over the years the introduction of T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes has taken its place in popularity. But now L.E.D. and Induction Lighting are new alternatives.
Some of our customers have indicated they were not aware we did anything other than fluorescent lighting, hence the company’s name change to E. B. Lighting & Supplies, Inc. The company continues to operate in its current location
and your contacts remain un-changed.
Just as in the past you can count on us for all your fixture and part needs. Most important is our over 77 years of knowledge in the lighting industry. We offer to layout and spec your project(s).
L.E.D. and Induction technology are still in its early stages and cost effective electronic fluorescent might be the best solution on your next project. That is where our knowledge comes in since we will take the time to consult with you before you make a decision on your particular lighting needs.
We hope you find our on-line catalog helpful and informative. This is an on-going project and far from completion, we will be adding more of our product line and new products as they become available. We have made every effort to
give complete accurate specs and dimensions, but specs can change.
Feel free to print art and specs, and if you have any questions, please call us at 410-276-7617 or email at: eb@eblights.com.